Privacy Policy

It is paramount for any serious company to have a privacy policy. At Wholesale Pharma, your details will only serve the purpose of administering all the services on your account.


When enquiring about the kind of services we offer, we ensure to back up details such as your name and email address to give you a response. These personal details are only kept in our company’s database and no duplicates are issued whatsoever. Furthermore, the website is certified. Therefore, Wholesale Pharma assures proper information safety.


The website is accessible to anyone who has an interest in what we offer. Therefore, if a visitor leaves a comment, we store the information from the comment section, which is inclusive of the IP address of the owner. The main reason for this is to help us to detect spam.

If you decide to leave a comment, then your email will receive an anonymised string relating with your email address. The other name is also given to this as a hash. A Gravatar service recommends to check if you still use it. On finishing comment approval, your picture becomes public next to the comments you made.


If you feel the need to upload your image to our site, avoid giving out more data than expected. Don’t send images with location attached data (GPS). Anyone visiting the site can access data from the uploaded image.


If you leave a comment on our site, you may decide to save your name, address and website in cookies. It is to benefit frequent website users not to fill in these details when you want to leave another comment later. Remember that these cookies only have a lasting period of one year.

As a person owning an account in our website, you will receive a temporary cookie when you log in. It aims in determining if a browser accepts cookies. This cookie doesn’t contain any personal data. It is done away with during browser closure.

Also when you log in we take in login data and the choices of a screen display. These log in cookies apply for two days. On the other hand, the screen display cookies take a whole year. Besides, for a longer login cookie period lasting two weeks, select Remember Me plus on login out, these cookies will seize.

On article publishing, there is an additional cookie saved to your browser. It does not include any personal data. However, it shows the post-identity of the article that expires in one day.

Embedded content from other websites

Several articles in this site include attached content such as videos and images. Content attachment from other website acts the same way in the cases where the visitor has browsed through these sites.

Google analytics

We pursue Google analytics to help in tracking the website visitors. The analytics makes this possible through information from the cookies. Besides, to always stay in compliance with the regulation change courtesy of GDPR. Then Google has included data processing amendments.

The information we gather is processed discreetly plus data sharing is disabled. No other Google services are in combination with Google Analytics cookies.

Freedom of information

Visitors on our website have the right to access the information they need. However, you can select the data you wish anonymized to avoid any linking to your email address. It is the responsibility of the site owner to take action on this. On doing this, you will receive a confirmation email.

Request table and rights of data subject

Regarding data subject, you are at a capacity to send a request to de delete any information. Upon this, you will receive an email confirming the request.

Later after the email confirmation, the request is now added among the list on the request table awaiting review by the administrator. If the data subject contains a comment section, then it is also added to the table. However, if the comment has no content on it, then there is a confirmation of erasure. Inclusive of a six-digit token for safety and data recovery instances.

The purpose of the request table is to allow the administrator to reassign and delete any content. With the comment section, it is made anonymous.

Right to access Data request and user Data portability

The data subject can offer the option to request their data for downloading. Later after the request, the user receives a confirmation email. it will generate a file which will allow them to download with an expiration period of 48 hours.

Complain request

The user can make a complaint request to rectify the data subject. The user then receives a confirmation email then added to the table request for the admin.

Email marketing

With the help of emails, we use them to avail our visitors with newsletters and updates. However, it has the option to opt-out if you no longer need the updates. Besides, for email marketing, we keep little information including email address and user name.