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Wholesale Pharma is a highly trusted name within the European Peptide and Sarms market. Our main goal is to deliver high quality products, useful to those in the medical research field. Our products should be used responsibly by authorized professionals for medical research purposes only. The below terms and conditions govern our company:

Agreement of Use Terms and Conditions

All users must adhere to the below terms and conditions before any products should be used or purchased.

1 – Use of the Website

Reading and accepting all the terms and conditions relating to our site’s privacy policy includes necessary considerations which give you the right to access, read, process, transact and in any way communicate with our website. You hereby agree and accept all terms and conditions transmitted to you by visiting this site.
Any agreements, warranties, actions, guarantees and declarations made by users and visitors to this site and other than the agreement made on this site do not take place. Unless they have read and approved the terms laid down carefully, not all users will be allowed access to this site.

You have decided to comply with policies on the terms and conditions for using this Site by visiting and viewing the Site, conducting payment transactions, or interacting with this Site as a service provider, merchant / customer, or any other way of interacting. This includes any changes to this website or any other policy included by reference. In future, you can make these policies on the site at your discretion.

Access is granted to users who are of a legal age and to those who do not reach their legal age. Legal users will only have access to the site for the purpose of reading content and other forms of interaction with the site.

The Website has the right to refuse access for persons or spectators who do not comply or who visit the website for any significant purpose. The website has the right to collect and maintain data for exclusion and other valid purposes.

Without notice of any change to the terms and conditions of your user agreement. We always recommend that you update yourself to keep you informed about any changes. These terms and our privacy policy shall govern your use of this site entirely. Change. Change. No information or product may be published, licensed, reproduced, transmitted, and sold from this website.

Without our consent, it is prohibited to use any information found on this website.

2 – Information Use

You do not have the right to use the information on this site in any commercial or public setting unless you are in a written agreement with this site. People have no right at all to copy and save, broadcast information or sell all or parts of our website’s content. You agree to our terms and conditions by viewing the contents of this site. You are also responsible for any unauthorized or illegal use, which could lead you to civil and criminal punishments.
Users of this site do not have the right, for any reason or use, to use portions or contents which contain linked or invisible pages, codes, databases and intellectual property contained therein.

3 – Checkout

You can check out as a guest or website user, just like the registration option. We suggest registering, but this is optional. If you successfully register and log on to our website however, you can guarantee unlimited access to the products, check the status of an outstanding order you have made or the order you have made in the future and more!
In any case, you do not want the registration process to be completed during your check-out and perhaps you can get in touch with us via email with any concerns about your order. As a guest, it is also possible to check out.

The purpose of this website is to provide any information on products and other necessary details.

The rights for corrections of typographical errors and other errors found in posted information are reserved to our website. We are therefore not responsible for the mistakes. Without prior notice, we update and modify information. In addition, the availability of products and services without notice is subject to change.

Notice: This site may only be used by persons of the legal age. At least the age of 21.

4 – Use of Products

The only purpose of our products is medical research. Wholesale Pharma does not promote or encourage the use of such products as medicines for personal abilities or human consumption.
We are dedicated to the provision of high-quality products for medical prevention and treatment. We only offer our products for research purposes. For further inquiries and suggestions, you can always contact Wholesale Pharma.

Our company has the right to refuse or limit sales of products to non-qualified persons or entities. For them to buy products, customers must have a legal age. Whether in contract with the buyer or otherwise negligence, we shall not be responsible for incidental or consequential harm.

Purchasers must agree and accept that stocks of the products may not be available, except as generally specified, planned for research purposes only. Buyers shall be responsible to ensure the approval of items obtained from this site.

Buyers are responsible for monitoring risks and conducting further research needed to familiarize themselves with the risks involved in using these products. Items bought from our site are not considered to be food, medicines, beauty treatment products or medical devices, except as generally stated. All offered products are only for research purposes. In no way should these materials be used for diagnostic and therapeutic use. We shall not be liable for any damage caused by negligence, abuse and unforeseen incidents.

5 – Customs

You are in charge of knowing the laws of your country. Ensure to research peptides and chemicals so confirm that these products are allowed before ordering. After placing an order, it leaves our premises. For the custom hold-ups we are no longer accountable. There are no problems in most countries. This is only for problems with the customs department of your country.

6 – It is Prohibited to Hyperlink, to Reference and to Co-Brand the Site

Unless you have authority, no one can, for any reason whatsoever, link our website or our logo, copyright, brand and trademarks. Furthermore, people are not allowed to refer to or hyperlink the site URL for both commercial and non-commercial media without consent. You agree to cooperate with our website in order to remove or disable and to be liable for loss.

7 – Rights of Intellectual Property

The products we offer are exclusively for medical research conducted by experts in research. Wholesale Pharma warns customers of the use in humans or in animals of these products. The damages caused by inappropriate use of drugs are not our responsibility.
Our products may include technologies where only Wholesale Pharma is licensed to patents issued or protected by intellectual property rights. All our products and technologies need to be wholesale properties for pharmaceuticals.

We are not liable for any rights of third parties or violations of any type. This is because it is the product of specific customer requirements linked to individual services based on documents, concepts or orders from customers that may exceed our product catalogue.

8 – Indemnity

You agree to pay back the unsustainable claim to our website, affiliates, officers, partners, officers, co-branders, managers, agents, subsidiaries, and that includes lawyers’ charges against third parties. This is because of the use of content on our website or any content you post or send on our site because of a link. In addition, your failure to comply with, violate or violate our terms and conditions.

9 – Access to Our Website

Our website is available 24/7, 365 days all year round. In the event that anything happens, we have the privilege of making our site unavailable for any reason.
You agree through the use of our website that Wholesale Pharma does not cause damages or damages arising from the suspension or interruption of this website. Once the conditions for the purposes of using our site are accepted. It allows you to check the content that is mainly for personal use on our website.

The materials on this website are especially for people who want to learn more about products offered on our website. Please don’t use our website if you don’t access our site for this reason. The use of our Websites is not allowed by agents, lawyers or non-individuals.

10 – Policies on Privacy

We take the privacy of our customer seriously and only use their personal data to manage their accounts. When questions or general enquiries are submitted. For example, the name, email address and address we may use to reach you are stored for your personal information. You will only store your personal data in the database of our website. You can be confident that no other copies of your personal data are kept by our customers. The security of our customers’ personal details is also ensured.

11 – Media

If you transfer or upload any images to the website, avoid posting images that are embedded in places as much as possible. You can download and support data from the pictures you post on our website in your area.

12 – Comments/Notes

We collect information in the comments, the IP address of the guest, and a programme specialist string, that will help spam detection, if visitors leave comments on our site. Gravatar administration will submit anonymized strings that have been made from your email address to ensure you use them. The profile photo will now be visible once the comments are approved.

13 – Cookies

You may have to save your name, email and cookie information on the site if you leave a comment on our web page. This is necessary in order that your personal information should not be refilled if you comment again. This is necessary. These cookies last a year. We set temporary cookies to know that in situations where you have a personal account to sign in our site your browser has accepted cookies. That does not contain any personal details and is discarded when your browser is closed.

14 – Warranty Disclaimer

The content on this website is for our customers’ services. The entire product application for products sold on our website does not contain any details. This may lack the necessary information which may be crucial for personal application or a certain use of the products. The content on this website is provided by the server of the site. In addition, the products we offer are not guaranteed, whether statutory, explicit or implied.

Full Agreement

Except as expressly set out on our website in a specific legal notice. The entire agreement between your user and the site for the use of our site and its contents is set out in our terms and conditions. You agree to comply with the terms and conditions of our webpage by clicking on ‘I agree’ during the placement of your order. For the purposes for which they are designed, customers should be ensured to receive their products.
You don’t do business with us if you disagree with our terms and conditions. Thank you very much for your cooperation and time to learn from us.